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Industry News

  • 2014-03-07High Borosilicate Glass Anti-reflection Technology Reaches Internation…

    Recently, high borosilicate glass anti-reflection technology, independently developed by Solar Energy Heat Utilization Engineering Technology Research Center of Beijing (hereafter referred to as “the Center”) that was built by Beijing Solar Energy Re

  • 2014-02-17INGLASS 11th International Architectural Conference to be Held in W…

    The INGLASS 11th International Architectural Conference will be held on 4th March, 2014 in Warsaw, Poland. The conference topics involve various fields including glass, glass construction, building and engineering, curtain wall system, energy efficie

  • 2014-02-07Thinnest Glass in China Emerges in Luoyang

    Ultra-thin glass of 0.33mm thickness is the thinnest currently produced domestically and is also the thinnest production internationally recognized. China Luoyang Float Glass Group Co., Ltd. or CLFG for short, depending on independent innovation, dev

  • 2014-01-20Digital Printed Glass Successfully Installed at the O’Hare Internatio…

    A few days ago, installation of digital printed glass at Terminal 5 at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport has been completed. During their travels in this busy season, tens of thousands of passengers have been the first ones to experience the c

  • 2014-01-13SCHOTT's New Design—MetalLook Glass

    SCHOTT now offers a new glass product, SCHOTT MetalLook. This glass product is particularly well-suited for home appliances in kitchens, such as ovens, refrigerators, gas stove and so on.

  • 2013-12-04The Second International Glass Technology Seminar Concludes in Shahe

    The 2013 Shahe International Glass Technology Seminar jointly sponsored by Hebei Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute and Wuhan University of Technology was held in Shahe city, Heibei province on December 20. Present at the seminar were tip-to

  • 2013-11-25Window Film and Coated Glass Committee Holds Standing Committe…

    September 16 is the second anniversary of the Window Film and Coated Glass Committee. On this memorable day, the committee which is under China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association held a Standing Committee meeting in Beijing, attended by C

  • 2013-11-19Guardian SunGuard SNX is Leading the Way in

    Some of the most advanced coated glasses available today apply three layers of silver during the magnetron sputter coating process and the technology provides the glass market with the broadest level of selectivity.