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Industry News

Feasibility Study of Investment in Jet Convection Glass Tempering Furnace

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 284  Published: 2017-10-18

The national economic boom and improvement of people’s living standard have led to higher market demand for glass products, with emphasis on product safety, energy saving and quality, such as: dual-pane laminated tempered glass, Low-E glass and other processed products. Aiming for better quality and higher performance in energy consumption, safety and environmental friendliness is essential for the development of glass processing industry. Investing in Jet convection glass tempering furnace is a move vital to the competitiveness of the industry. The profitability of an investment depends on its market positioning as well as the ability to seize a market opportunity.  

I. Assessment of investment in Jet convection glass tempering furnaceThe investment covers: 1. glass tempering machine; 2. dedicated power supply (transformer); 3. Plant (rent or own). The cost for glass tempering machine is fixed while the costs for power supply and plant may fluctuate slightly depending on the location. 

II. Working capital requirements

Working capital is needed for tempered glass production to cover the costs of:    1.sheet glass inventory; 2. turnover; 3. operating expenses. 

III. Analysis of profits under normal production

1. Output of the glass tempering furnace at its full capacity; 2. Annual production time; 3. Average local price for tempered glass; 4. Annual output value of tempered glass; 5. Costs of sheet glass (taking into account the yield of glass sizing); 6. Power consumption; 7. Depreciation.

IV. General analysis

Considering the special features of the Jet convection glass tempering furnace, the profitability of the investments relies primarily on insulated glass for doors and windows, glass curtain, and dry glazing laminated products. Jet convection glass tempering furnace offers high productivity, great product quality, and cost efficiency. To fulfill the full capacity of the glass tempering furnace with lucrative sales orders will warrant the full play of the comparative advantage of the equipment and secure the company’s market position.