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Technical Data

Areas in a Building Where Tempered Glass Is Required

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 725  Published: 2016-02-16
When using glass as one of the construction materials, the following areas of a building are required to use tempered safety glass:

I. Outward opening windows for buildings with seven or more stores;
II. Total area of window glass is greater than 1.5m2, or the bottom edge is less than 500mm above finished floor;

III. Curtain wall (other than full glass curtain wall); 

IV. Sloped glazing, various types of glass roofing (including sunroof, skylight, etc.), drop ceilings;
V. Sightseeing elevator and its glass cube;
VI. Indoor partition, shower enclosure and screen;

VII. Glass side panels for staircase, balcony, platform or corridor, and courtyard;
VIII. Glass floor for pedestrians;
IX. Observation windows for aquarium and swimming pool;
X. Entrances and hallways in public buildings;

XI. Areas vulnerable to impact that may lead to injury.  

NOTE: Single pane semi-tempered glass (heat-strengthened glass) and wired glass are not considered as safety glass. Item XI refers to areas specified in JGJ113 of "Technical Specification for Application of Architectural Glass” and JGJ102 of “Technical Code for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering”.