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Tempering Furnace Maintenance on Key Parts (2)

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 926  Published: 2015-07-06
1、Furnace Top Lifting and Transmission Gears

To ensure the smooth lifting of the furnace, the trapezoidal lead screw rods inside the pillars need be lubricated with N46 oil after every lift (or at least once a month). Apply lithium grease to the bevel transmission gears once every quarter. Furnace lifting chain:  have it lubricated once a month with N46 lubricant.  If the chain trips out of gear when pulling, the chain doesn’t have enough tension.  Correct that by adjusting the chain tensioner. Furnace lifting motor reducing gear: keep the lubricant level on the center mark of the window gauge.  Change the oil once a year.  We recommend to use 30# or 40# premium lubricating oil.

2、Main Drive Gear
Main drive gear is the core mechanism of the tempering furnace.  The proper operation of this mechanism guarantees the quality of the tempering furnace output.

Check regularly the oil level for the main drive cycloidal speed reducer.  Keep it on the center mark of the window gauge.  Change the oil once a year with preferably 30# or 40# premium lubricating oil. Properly adjust the tension on the main drive chain.  Check the status of the chain often.  Loosen the screw that connects the main drive motor to the base.  Turn the limit screw.  Adjust the chain tension by pushing the motor to the proper position.  Retighten the connecting screw.  Main drive motor chain needs be lubricated once a week with N46 oil. Never use lubricating oil or grease on ceramic roller drive chains.  Use designated belt wax only.

3、Ceramic Roller Drive Gear
Ceramic roller drives use O-ring belt.  In case the rollers get stuck, the belt will slip to protect the rollers.  However, it will also leave roller marks on the glass and affect the surface quality. Therefore the tensioner should be adjusted to keep the tension in a proper range. If the tension lever is too low, the belt will slip and cannot maintain a normal transmitting operation.  On the contrary, if the tension level is too high, the force applied on the roller will change under high temperature to cause end cap loose.  Ideally, it should be adjusted to maintain a normal operation with the least tension possible. Also, the wax flakes will come off the main drive belt coated with belt wax and make the spring for the lower tensioner sticky. The residue needs be cleaned off during each maintenance cycle.  Then, lubricate the sliding rod and the spring.

4、Bearing Lubrication
Regular inspection and lubrication are needed for the tempering furnace main drive shaft bearings, roller hearth bearings, insulating door joint bearings, bearings for the furnace top lifting transmission gear, and bearings for the trapezoidal lead screw rods in the furnace top lifter. Use lithium grease for lubrication.  The lubricating cycle for ceramic rollers is twice a year.  All others need to be lubricated once every year. The grease in ceramic roller bearings should maintain an ample but the least level needed to get the best working temperature for the rollers.  Apply lithium grease to the bevel transmission gears in the furnace top lifter once every quarter.