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Instructions for operating loading Table Foot Switch

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 794  Published: 2015-03-02
Foot Switch,Glass tempering furnace
The loading table of LandGlass tempering furnace is equipped with a machinery foot switch, which serves as an adjusting micro-inching unit during placement of the glass in the furnace. The following instructions should be followed for handling the switch:

1. Avoid short circuit or circuit break of the internal wiring when moving or transporting the switch.

2. Take preventative measures in case of operation in environments with much water, oil or powder dust.

3. Heavy load and impact may directly cause damage to the product. Exert care when using the switch. Check the switch before operation when necessary.

4. Notice the “Warning” and “Note” information of the switch. Actions against “Warning” may result in serious injury or death of the operator; actions against “Note” may result in slight injury of the operator or damage to the product.